Environmental issues

Environmental issues are vitally important in day-to-day operations and affect all elements involved in the business of modern society. Today, more than ever before, companies are required to operate not only in an environmentally friendly way, but in a sustainable way and through an optimized environmental assessment and management system.

Understanding the environmental impact of their activities and implementing strategic action policies to offset this impact is an essential part of an effective sustainability plan.

Adopting a comprehensive approach to environmental legislation and regulations (eg ISO 14001) confirms their conformity with the certification of their environmental management systems.

Including natural resource management, strategic policy-making and adaptation to climate change.

Society and consumers are increasingly turning to zero tolerance for risk. Regulators and institutions are responding with more stringent and comprehensive regulations, and more detailed reporting requirements.

We offer solutions and management tools

Environmental managementatras

As a result, companies are forced to adapt to the new reality, where legal and regulatory compliance has become theminimum standard.

Companies develop processes and standards to measure and meet them; Integrate the principles of your business into the management systems. Some companies have a holistic approach, combining quality, safety, the environment and health in a single system.

At AZENTÚA we promote, coordinate and manage the necessary resources to achieve these optimized evaluation and management systems.

For this AZENTÚA offers the following solutions and management tools:

  • Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC, Industrial Emissions Directive)
  • Management of environmental authorizations and licenses.
  • Implementation of Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, OSHAS 18001, others)