The value of natural assets and their derivatives

Natural Capital includes the natural assets of the Earth (soil, air, water, flora and fauna) and the services of derived ecosystems, which make human life possible.

Putting value to our natural assets and their derived services, is difficult both from a technical perspective and from an ethical perspective.

Measurement, evaluation and evaluation of the impacts and dependencies of Natural Capitalatras

In order to make an appropriate valuation of Natural Capital, the first thing to do is to measure it properly.

In AZENTÚA we are convinced of this and we have created the appropriate capacities to measure, use and manage this data in an integrated way, transforming them into intelligence for companies.

we understand the studies in a global and integrated way.

Through the appropriate analytical methodologies and technological tools we want these data to make sense and help informed decision making in an effective way.
In AZENTÚA we understand the studies in a global and integrated way, ranging from conceptual design, defining the best solution from the technical and economic points of view, to the start-up of the studies, the follow-up during its useful life and the management of the dismantling , closure and restoration of degraded spaces.