Intelligent data analysis and management

AZENTÚA offers data management services giving you a complete solution, from the smallest to the most extensive and complex tasks. The technical data , the images of the geographic information system and the electronic documents are managed through a single package of Internet tools or platform.

We use and maintain the hardware and software necessary for the customer to successfully purchase, process and save your project data, and access them from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Along with this, and through the capabilities provided by the NFQ group, AZENTÚA has the equipment and resources necessary to generate large data storage systems (Big data) and the procedures necessary to find repetitive patterns within that data.

The use of environmental data management services saves you the investment in costly software development and commercial applications. As a work system already exists, no time is spent on design or development.

Quantification and valuation of intangibles

Intangible resources are those assets that do not have physical support that can lead them to be materialized in something material, since they are based mainly on information and knowledge, so that their identification and quantification becomes difficult.

During the last few years significant progress has been made in considering the management of intangibles (brand, corporate reputation, corporate ethics, corporate social responsibility, good governance, human capital, organizational capital or technological capital, natural capital …) Vital and strategic elements to ensure the success of organizations.

At the same time, top management of companies, market analysts, auditors, shareholders or investors have been aware of the importance of knowing how these intangible assets are being managed, what their rating is and what their value is.

The value of the brand and other intangible assets and resources is undoubtedly reaching new heights of interest, which has led to financial support and consideration in the accounting systems of companies.

However, from several areas, we have been demanding more methodological and argumentative solidity in this area of knowledge.

The work under development is required to be backed up by rigorous methodologies and by the provision of empirical evidence.

Refocusing Sustainability atras

We offer complete solutions for data management

It is at this point that AZENTÚA contributes its added value, the design of methodologies for quantifying intangibles; Natural Capital and Social Capital.

To do this, and depending on the multiple needs or situations, a methodological scheme must be followed:

  • Definition of a system of indicators, which must be developed through some numerical type of scale (ratios, intervals, ordinals, etc.) and allowing, even quantifying other variables that are connected conceptually, give meaning and value of measurement to intangibles.
  • Design of a system that allows to register the variations that occur, to be able to compare situations, either within the company’s own evolution, or in relation to the best competitors (“benchmarking”).