Contribute to sustainable development

At the global level, organizations, and their stakeholders, are increasingly aware of the need and benefits of socially responsible behavior.

The objective of social responsibility is to contribute to sustainable development.

The performance of an organization in relation to the society in which it operates and its impact on the environment has become a critical part of measuring its overall performance and its ability to continue operating effectively.

In part, this reflects a growing recognition of the need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity and good governance of organizations.

In the long run, all organizations’ activities depend on the health of global ecosystems.

Demonstrating responsible management and inspiring the confidence of stakeholders (customers, investors, suppliers, employees, local community, consumers …) becomes a competitive advantage.

This service is aimed at companies that want to grow sustainably by meeting the needs and expectations of their stakeholders through policies that go beyond regulatory requirements.

We use our own tools, as well as various nationally and internationally recognized standards, which help companies to integrate and value a responsible and integrated vision in the company:

  • Software for management and analysis of environmental information and sustainability.
  • Counseling on socially responsible behavior and sustainability (ISO 26000).
  • Identification of the stakeholders and analysis of their expectations.
  • Codes of conduct and good governance.
  • Model of reconciliation of work and personal life (EFR-1000).
  • Ethical management systems (SGE-21) and social management (SA-8000).
  • Sustainability Reports (GRI, AA-1000).
  • Accessibility: UNE-170.001 and UNE-139.802.
  • Compliance Programs (ISO 19600- Compliance Management Systems)
  • Application of guidelines or international principles in sustainability; United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, Ecuador Principles, others.
  • Application of sustainability standards and advice for further certification (Sustainable Agriculture Network, Rainforest Alliance, SAFA, LEAF Fairtrade International, Others).

Strategies for analysis, identification and implementation of policies and programs of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)atras