An alternative to a more traditional view

Through its professional experience and acquired knowledge in different areas of engineering and environmental management, the identification and valuation of environmental damages (in biophysical units as well as in monetary terms), and a solid experience in strategies of analysis, identification and valuation of interest groups to implement policies and programs of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), thanks to which the AZENTÚA team has taken a new step towards sustainability, incorporating the concept of “natural capital” to the daily management, thus giving a new approach to standardized economic analysis.

Thus, natural capital is a way of estimating the value of an ecosystem, an alternative to the more traditional view that nature and non-human life are passive natural resources without their own production. Natural capital is equated with productive capital. It is, therefore, a concept linked to the ecological footprint and eco-efficiency.

A new step towards sustainability, incorporating the concept of “natural capital” into daily management

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