AZENTÚA, is constituted as a company within the group NFQ

We generate value from values, in order to reinvent the way of consulting.

Being and doing a company

This new reality that confronts us day by day leads us to follow a new paradigm of “being and doing business”. The basis of our company, and its growth strategy, is rooted in the conviction and claim to “generate value from values” in order to reinvent the way of consulting.

AZENTÚA (Environmental and Sustainable Value, S.L.) is a company, encompassed in the NFQ group and equally embedded in the new reality that establishes a global world in constant and continuous adaptation to change, and in need of continuous improvement.

It is based on the experience acquired by the NFQ group in all disciplines of the study and measurement of “financial capital” for which AZENTÚA, is born, in order to incorporate within its organization a team of specialists in the economic identification and valuation of goods and Services, environmental and social, , to make them measurable, quantifiable and manageable.