The possibility,
present and future, of being able to grow

And now,
What do you want to be?

This knowledge and “tangibilization” has a direct impact on the possibility, present and future, of operating and growing, thus becoming a new agent for the decision making of managers and leaders of organizations, and its potential investors.

Thus, Natural Capital constitutes a fundamental axis for the understanding and consolidation of the raison d’ĂȘtre of any company, organization or project and an effective manager for the

obtaining its permanence in time (its sustainability).
In the end, the Companies and their products are worth what their customers perceive from them and it is the perceptions of the true behaviors that make up the evaluation of the reputation of the people and the brand of the companies.
To live is to change, to learn and to choose. Choosing involves giving up. Giving up requires deciding what we DO NOT want. And as Jean Paul Sartre said… “We are what we choose”